Massage Therapy

Light Treatments (30 minutes)

Can’t find the time in your schedule for a full hour? Enjoy any of our Classic¬†Treatments for an abbreviated 30 minutes. $45

Classic Treatments (1 hour) 

Swedish Massage– This classic massage utilizes long strokes and kneading to improve muscle tone, stimulate circulation, detoxify, and relax the entire body. This is the perfect massage for newcomers. $80

Combination Massage– This full body massage flows with both light and deep pressure simultaneously. In addition to total relaxation, this treatment can help improve healthy functioning of the circulatory, lymphatic, muscular, and nervous system. $85

Deep Tissue Massage– Utilizing a variety of techniques, this massage affects the deeper muscle fibers of the body. It helps with sore, overworked muscles and brings you into a deep state of relaxation- a perfect choice for the athlete. $95

Hot Stone Massage– Utilizing Swedish massage techniques; hot stone massage is the application of deep penetrating warmth with smooth heated stones. Muscle tension is melted away and you will experience peacefulness and relaxation from the stone’s healing energies. $95

Neuromuscular Massage– A medical based massage designed to relieve chronic muscular pain. Assists with injury rehabilitation and reduces inflammation-related pain. (Not recommended for first time massage) $95

Prenatal Massage– this gentle treatment has numerous benefits for the mother to be. Prenatal massage has been shown to reduce stress and anxiety, reduce joint swelling, and improve pain caused by pressure on nerves. This treatment is a must for expecting mothers past their first trimester. $80

Couple’s Massage– Unwind with your special someone as you receive the one-hour massage of your choosing in our couple’s room. $160

Signature Treatments (1.5 hours)

For the ultimate massage experience, enjoy our classic massage treatments for an additional thirty minutes.

Signature Swedish Massage $115
Signature Combination Massage $125
Signature Deep Tissue Massage $135
Signature Hot Stone Massage $130
Signature Neuromuscular Massage $135

Hydrotherapy Treatments

Vichy Shower– Blow off some steam in our luxurious Vichy Shower Steam room. Relax on our shower table, covered by a rain bar as a series of shower heads are placed to massage your body while you unwind. 30 minutes $40

Body Scrub– Relax in the Vichy Shower while your entire body is polished and exfoliated during this rejuvenating service which utilizes seasonal scrubs and lotion to leave you feeling smooth, clean, and refreshed. $100

Body Masque– Reveal smoother, more hydrated skin through this nourishing treatment which is like a full body facial. This service culminates in a Vichy Shower steam at its conclusion. $100

Bacchus Oil Wrap– Olive oil and red grape seed extract lock in moisture while providing skin with vitamins and powerful antioxidants. Relax as this sumptuous concoction is swirled over the body and enjoy a Vichy Shower steam as your skin is softened and hydrated. $100