Skin Therapy

Classic Facials

Our Classic one hour facials begin by deep cleansing the skin twice to remove impurities. The skin is then toned and an exfoliating enzymatic mask is applied and steamed while the neck and décolleté are massaged. Extractions will be performed as needed and a customized clay mask is prepared and applied to the skin addressing the client’s specific skin concerns. The facial concludes with the application of appropriate serums, moisturizers, and sunscreen.

Lilia Day Spa is proud to utilize CosMedix in all of our skin care services. CosMedix skincare products are chirally corrected at the molecular level to ensure positive and effective product reactions with the skin. The products utilized in our facials can be purchased on site and if desired, your esthetician can work with you to devise a care regimen which will address your skin concerns and promote optimal skin health.

Enjoy the following services for 30 minutes: $45, one hour $75, 90 minutes $120

Your esthetician will work with you to determine the best facial solution for your skin. The following are some examples of customized services to address your concerns.

Deep Cleansing Facial- designed to deep clean your pores, this service si a wonderful first facial option.

Antioxidant Facial- Antioxidants help fight free radical damage and free radicals age the skin. If you are looking to eliminate fine lines and wrinkles, the antioxidant facial is a great choice for you. For maximum results, book a series of Antioxidant and Ageless Facials.

Clear Facial- Perfect for congested pores and oily or acne prone skin. Our “Clear Facial” will help even the sebum production in your skin, begin to lighten blemishes, and promote an overall clearer complexion. This facial is great for teens and adults alike!

Soothing Facial- A calming facial well suited for those with skin concerns such as hypersensitivity, redness, irritation, and rosacea.

Ageless Facial- Do your skin concerns include fine lines, medium to deep wrinkles, and loss of elasticity? The “Ageless Facial” helps stimulate collagen production giving you firmer, smoother, skin.

Even Facial- If you suffer from hyperpigmentation (dark spots) from previous acne, sun damage, or uneven skin tone, a series of “Even Facials” will provide amazing results.

Post-Peel Facial- Boost the benefits of your CosMedix peel by scheduling a post-peel facial 2-4 weeks after your peel for an amazing complexion.

Facial Add ons:

Pomegranate Peel: $25

Blueberry Jessner Treatment: $25

High Frequency ZAPPlication: $15- our high frequency electrode has numerous skin benefits. It enhances skin tone and circulation, promotes cell renewal and collagen production. Continued use can provide long term anti-aging effects and reduce fine lines. The electrical current also has antibacterial action that prevents formation of acne and improves complexion of acne sufferers. This is an excellent add on to any facial.

Specialty Skin Care

At Lilia we believe in promoting your best, true self and our goal is to help you reach your best skin care potential. While you won’t find any lasers or injectables at our spa what you will find is simple, effective, and non-invasive solutions to your skin concerns. We invite you to try one of our specialty skin care services which provide real results using natural, safe products.

Pre Peel Treatment Instructions     Post Peel Treatment Instructions

Back Facial- The hard to reach back is often neglected in a skin care regimen. Show yours some TLC with this service which will cleanse, moisturize, and nourish your back while utilizing extractions to remove blemishes and impurities $100

Pomegranate Brightening Peel- a fabulous peel for all skin conditions including hyperpigmentation, environmental concerns, sun damage, loss of elasticity, and lackluster skin tone. This peel works to even out the top layer of skin and mildly stimulate collagen while nurturing the skin with high potency levels of Vitamin C. $95

Purity Peel- this detoxifying, deep epidermal peel diminishes the appearance of blemishes and calms impure skin to reveal a glowing, dewy, complexion. Designed to remove excess oil and correct skin conditions such as excessive blemishes and enlarged pores. $125

Blueberry Smoothie Peel- an exceptional blemish treatment, this invigorating peel restores a youthful glow to even out oily/problem skin. It exfoliates the skin without irritation. $70

Benefit Peel- the best peel available for hypersensitive, aging, or acne prone skin. Gentle enough for rosacea patients. This peel gently stimulates collagen production without excessive peeling. $100

Blueberry Jessner Peel- works to clarify blemish prone skin and reduce the look of fine lines with less downtime and discomfort than traditional peels. Especially effective on blemish prone and mature skin. $100

Pomegranate Peel- evens out the top layers of the skin and mildly stimulates collagen while antioxidants prevent free radical damage. $70

Timeless Peel- This deep peel works to encourage the growth of healthy cells, increase cell turnover, and remove layers of dead skin giving you and age-defying, smooth textured complexion. $225 (includes prep kit, a $74 value)

Peel Boot Camp- a customized series of 5 peels addressing your specific and changing skin concerns. $450

Microdermabrasion- Achieve a brighter more youthful look and improve the surface appearance of your skin with this mechanical exfoliation process. $130 For best results, a series of 5 treatments is available $500

Micropeel- Reap the benefits of both mechanical and chemical exfoliation with this service. An abbreviated microdermabrasion session is followed by a mild chemical peel for maximum results without overexerting skin. $130

Finishing Touches

Brow Tint $20
Lash Tint $25
Spray Tanning $25
Make up Application $30