Rooftop Policies


The purpose of this page is to let you know our policies and procedures in advance so that you can make the best possible use of our facilities. We hope this information will assist you in planning your event and communicating with our staff.

• Rooftop rentals do not give guests building privileges in any other area.
• Renter will be responsible for any and all damages incurred to the facility and/or contents there resulting from their usage.
• Contract Representative renting the facility must be present during entire rental period.
• Use will be restricted to the terms of the contract including area reserved, time of entry and departure, intended activity, etc.
• Conduct will not violate local, state, or federal ordinances or laws and will at all times be conducted in a mature and responsible manner.
• Rentals may not infringe on the use of other facility areas by separate public or private groups.
• Facility staff will perform their regular assigned duties. They are not available for group supervision.
• Adult supervision is required for all youths at a 1:1 ratio.
• Accidents occurring to facility property must be reported immediately to Events Coordinator on duty.
• No alcohol may be served or sold without use of a caterer/bartender who holds current and state of South Carolina alcohol permits.
• Lilia Day Spa supports a smoke-free environment.
• Only music suitable for a public facility will be permitted. Volume is subject to control by Lilia staff.
• Throwing anything off of the top of the Rooftop is strictly prohibited and can and may result in criminal charges.
• Glass bottles and stemware are allowed on the rooftop. If dropped and/or broken renters are responsible for any damages and clean up.
• All guests must be out of the facility by ending rental time, which includes renter clean-up.